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There are 28 national university of technology in NZ that provides public job training programs. These programs are founded and operated by government, they offers diverse levels of job training courses from beginner to advanced. IoT(institute of Technology) are operated by government and Polytechnics are operated by private organizations.
Polytechnic provides practical and technical training for the students who want to work after completion of their studies at secondary
school. Polytechnic was considered similar to Technical high school in the past but Polytechnic is vastly different in terms of the quality
and level of the job education programs. Polytechnic not only offers practical technique sessions for job search, but also provides
tertiary education of that of universities. Unitec is a example as from the name it indicate both university and Polytechnic in one and
so does the program as it provides theoretical tertiary education and practical programs. Overall, certificate from Polytechnics are
recognized in the world as a qualification for university entrance.
Private Tertiary Establishments (PTE) are institutions recognized by NZQA and NZ government. The PTE institutions have diverse types of courses which specialize in particular discipline for professional certificates and practicum styled course related with actual working
environments. The qualifications are classified into Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma depending on the level of the studies.

Types of qualifications

  1. Certificate 1~4
    • Education for job searching in specialized fields or for further studying in advanced level.
    • Up to 12months of study, offers 1~4 Certificate
  2. Diploma
    • Qualification for transferring to 2nd year at university after 1-2 years of certificate course
    • Qualification for applying skilled immigration category in NZ.
    • 1-2 years of particular studies depending on level of students.
  3. Advenced Diploma
    • Advanced level of diploma course, it takes 1 year after Diploma course or takes 2-3 years itself.
    • Possibly transferring to 2nd or 3rd year of degree course.
    • Qualification for working in various industries.