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Education Providers CRICOS CODE: 00004G, 00112C, 00873F, 00885B
Campus Location: Ballarat, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, North Sydney, Strathfield
Main Website: www.acu.edu.au
International Student Website: www.acu.edu.au/international
Australian Catholic University (ACU) is a public university funded by the Australian Government and open to students and staff of all beliefs.

ACU has an established reputation for quality and innovative teaching with specialist undergraduate and postgraduate education in disciplines including arts, business, business information systems, education, educational leadership, environmental science, exercise science, midwifery, music, nursing, paramedicine, psychology, philosophy, social sciences, social work, theology, religious education and visual arts and design. ACU is dedicated to rigorous intellectual scholarship and the individual's pursuit of truth and academic freedom. Its ethos is derived from Christian values and the Catholic intellectual tradition, and our core concern is with ethics in all fields of endeavour. In all its courses the University empowers students with a strong sense of social responsibility and concern for the moral and ethical dimensions of their study and their professional and personal lives.

Australian Catholic University is committed to excellence in research quality, productivity and knowledge transfer for the welfare and benefit of the community. In pursuing this goal, the University has research capacity in areas that are strongly aligned with its identity and Mission. The University has a strategy of research concentration and selectivity in four broad focus areas: Theology and Philosophy; Health; Education; and the Common Good and Social Justice. The University has six University Priority Research Centres recognised for their research productivity, and a number of other centres and institutes with emerging research strengths. In addition, the University has an extensive network of collaborative institutions, nationally and internationally to ensure that its research focus is contemporary and driven by the needs of the global community.

Consistent with the Catholic intellectual tradition and arising from its unique contributions to research and research training, the University actively promotes informed debate and community engagement. Achieving knowledge transfer, including interaction with its communities through its research endeavours, is fundamental to the University’s commitment to social justice and furthering the common good.